First post brought to you by: Valentine’s Day

I know it is a sort of made up holiday, for the sake of the retailers.  I like Valentine’s Day because this time of year is so dreary in our part of the world.  A little chocolate and love, even if it is purposely crafted, is nice.  But, I am so inconsistent with how we (which comes down to me) celebrate this holiday.  Some years, like the first couple years my husband and I were together, I went all out…after the children, and exhaustion, came, I was lucky to just plop down a box or bag of chocolate.  This year, I decided to make a little more exceptional…so rest easy, folks, I don’t do this every day.  The ideas were swirling in my brain and I manage to scrape together enough time (including scrambling at the last minute, finalizing the “flowers” on Elizabeth’s card at 5:30 am under her watchful eye) to execute my designs.  I don’t know why this year was “special”…my husband would certainly argue that my time could be better spent on more “worthy” tasks (like, oh, tidying up and cleaning the house and tackling my to-do list for other endeavors).  But, it is love…and what is more important than showing those most important to you that you’d rather make something special for them than clean house?

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