Singapore Sling

I usually keep my experimenting to weekend days.  But, since being ill at the beginning of the month, I have much catching up to do with the mound of drink recipes I collected for Valentine’s Day.  Being hit with another blizzard and the kids having vacation this week supported the urge (need) to “celebrate” or, um, “experiment”.

There is a little thought that goes into which drink I prepare on which night.  Largely it depends on whether I have the key ingredients, then it comes down to what mood I’m in.  For example, I am still waiting for a good time to make that Red Velvet Cake Martini.  But this drink sounded a little tropical without being over-the-top.

Apparently there are a few iterations of this drink.  I don’t know if this is the “original”, as some other blogger claimed it to be.  The recipe I used can be found here.


First of all, I will point out that the main ingredient is gin.  I am not a big fan of gin – too bitter for my taste.  My husband enjoys gin martinis (he would say that the bitterness is a good match for his soul).  In fact, he has recently become a bit of a gin connoisseur.  To illustrate that point, we have three bottles of gin in our house right now – that is not normal for us.  I pulled recipes with gin, mostly for him, but also in the hopes that I would find something that we could enjoy together.  The gin is subtle in this drink…enough to be tasted (he liked it) but not too bitter to swallow (I liked it).  So, if gin normally puts you off, I would suggest at least giving this a try.

This drink is meant to be layered, not shaken and not stirred.  You will get to a point at the end where the grenadine is too sweet to drink.  I took that as my cue to make another.  The various ingredients will mix together on their own, making each sip a little different.

You need to start off with a tall glass for this one – a highball or collins glass.  Put 1/2 oz of grenadine in the bottom and fill the glass about two-thirds full with ice.  Next add in 1 oz of gin – of our gin “collection”, my husband recommended Silo as it has some fruity notes.  Next add in equal parts of club soda and sour mix (I had margarita mix on hand but I came to discover that they are nearly equal).  There is some room for experimentation and preference here.  I started off with 4 oz of each, which nearly topped the glass.  I ended up finding that 2.5 oz of each was a good mix for my liking.  Lastly, top off the glass with 1/2 oz of cherry brandy.  If you’d like, which I do, garnish with a cherry, or two.

This drink made me happy.  It was easy to drink  – and not overwhelming.  I was able to enjoy more than one without feeling like I had been socked in the head, as drinks usually make me sleepy or drunk (it doesn’t take much).  This drink was pleasant and relaxing…a good one to sip outside in the summertime with friends with some good music (last night was Earth, Wind & Fire’s Greatest Hits).  The only thing I may try differently with this is making my own sour mix.  I found a few recipes online but lacked time and the necessary ingredients.


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