Red Velvet Cake Martini

It was the end of the parking ban and the end of a successful play date for my 7 year old.  None of us died or got seriously injured from either of these events (or what caused one of them, um, snow)…though there might have been a few Lego minifigure casualties.  But, either way, it was cause for celebration.  Dinner of leftovers (pizza for the kids), left me wanting something a little extraordinary so I figured it was a good time for the Red Velvet Cake Martini.

The ingredient list is a little intimidating – I like my drinks simple.  Afterall, I barely have time for making dinner, much less mixing up complicated drinks.  However, I had all of the ingredients and, as February thankfully draws to an end (we’re in the later half – yay!), I need to knock off another drink recipe.

So, first of all, the rim garnish has its own freakin’ recipe.  Yeah.  Whatever.  I almost didn’t make it.  But, I found that it definitely enhances the enjoyment of the drink.  So, honestly, if you are going to make this, just make the rim garnish.  It’s not that tough.  To do it, you mix 4 Tbsp of granulated sugar with 1 Tbsp of unsweetened cocoa powder.  You need two rimmed, shallow plates or containers.  I happen to have small, kid-sized plates that work well for rimming my martini glasses, but a large enough shallow plastic lid works just as well.  Dip the rim of your glass into Godiva White Chocolate liqueur (or RumChata), then immediately into the sugar and cocoa mixture.  If you’ve never rimmed a glass, check this out.  If you don’t have the white chocolate liqueur, substitute with any other liqueur in the drink or simple syrup.  Whatever you use, it needs to be sticky to keep the sugar and cocoa granules on it.

Next, fill your cocktail shaker with ice.  Pour in the cocktail ingredients – 1 1/2 oz Frangelico, 1 oz light creme de cacao, 1 oz vodka, 1 oz cherry brandy (the liqueur that the recipe calls for was only available as a limited edition item – hence the substitution), 1 1/2 tsp grenadine (optional, but it does give it a nice red color).  Shake for 20 seconds and pour through the strainer into the martini glass.


One was enough.  It won’t knock you off your feet and it isn’t super sweet…but, after having one, which I thoroughly enjoyed, I just wasn’t craving another.  It was a nice after-dinner, end of day, drink.


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