Hopeless Romantic, Hopeful Drink

I had my first opportunity to prepare cocktails for a group last night.  It was a small group and I was offering one cocktail…so nothing too crazy for an amateur mixologist.  They were extremely eager to try one of my experiments and, when asked if I would oblige, I immediately had the Hopeless Romantic in mind.  This Valentine’s Day inspired drink ended up on my “maybe” list because of its two main ingredients – a unique liqueur and prosecco.  The liqueur is not terribly expensive but I don’t know how versatile it is (yet!)…and, thus, could not justify the extra $ on an already large tab at the liquor store.  Prosecco is something I have and enjoy, but it is best consumed within a few days of opening.  I am not up to drinking a whole bottle of prosecco alone and didn’t really want to pour it down the drain either.  But, for this prosecco-drinking crowd, I thought this drink was a perfect match!

Of course, as any good food or drink preparer would do, I had to do a little pre-gathering taste test.  By accident, I modified the drink a little by doubling the amount of juices.  The anal scientist in me forced a re-make with unmodified proportions and, while this change would likely be unnoticeable to most, I think the extra juice actually improves the flavor of the drink.  So, please know that my final recipe here reflects this modification.  Of course, feel free to experiment on your own.

You start with 1/2 oz each of lemon juice, pineapple juice, and orange juice in the bottom of a shaker and stir (or swirl, as I did).  Add 1 1/2 oz of X-Rated Fusion Liqueur and 2 oz of prosecco and lightly shake or stir all ingredients together.  Pour through a strainer into a glass (collins or double old fashioned) filled with ice.  (The linked recipe above recommends shaking vigorously with ice.  Indeed, to be “shaken or stirred” is a matter of personal preference – you decide what you like.  I will certainly try shaking this one another day.)


Let me add a note about the X-rated Fusion Liqueur because I think that it deserves it.  The name nearly made me blush when buying it.  The day-glow pink hue gave me concerns about it possibly being a super sweet syrup.  The liqueur is described as, “a fusion of ultra premium French vodka and blood orange with mango and passion fruits.”  You might smell or taste a hint of grapefruit – I think that would be the blood orange and passion fruit.  Either way, this is a liqueur that can not be substituted.  My brand new bottle is down to the last third – I will be looking for other drinks with this so that I can buy more.

As for the drink as a whole, the common response was “light and refreshing” and “goes down easy”…in addition to “wow!” and “delicious!”.  In my own words and experience, it is easy to drink four of these.  As with most drinks, I do not recommend drinking this to quench your thirst…or, at least, proceed with caution when drinking them in close succession.  You don’t really notice how alcoholic these are until your second or third.  The taste is so light and the alcohol is not overwhelming.  This would also be a great drink for spring or summer, or just for when you are yearning for those seasons.


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