Naughty Leprechaun – AKA Boozy Shamrock Shake

If there was ever an alcoholic Shamrock Shake, this would be it.  Mind you, I have tried to recreate this heavenly, minty beverage many times…in both regular (not fat free) and healthier versions.  Most of my trials were near misses, the rest were flat out failures.  So, I continue on my quest.  I really didn’t expect this version to be any more successful than others but I was in for a real treat.  Click here for the recipe I used.

You will need a blender for this one…and be forewarned, ingredients are measured in CUPS (yep, you read that right…cups).  Pour 1/4 cup of Bailey’s Original Irish Cream, 1/4 cup Creme de Menthe (get the green kind if you want to be really festive), 1/2 cup milk, and 2 cups of vanilla ice cream (I got the slow churned variety which is slightly less caloric than regular ice cream) into a blender.  Mix until smooth and creamy and pour into your glass.  My husband opted to rim the glass with green sugar and added the whipped cream and cherry for garnish.  It is sweet and delicious…and if you enjoy indulging in a Shamrock Shake, you will enjoy this.  The challenge is limiting how many of these to drink – I fear that the ice cream may not last the entire weekend.


A final note…I am in the process of making this without ice cream.  I think the key is to get the vanilla flavor just right.   I started with a splash of vanilla vodka and it just didn’t taste the same.  I added vanilla syrup and that seemed closer but it still needs tweaking…but that experiment will have to be done another day.  Cheers!


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