Cake of Champions!

This week my boys earned their next karate belt. As a way to celebrate this achievement, it has become tradition to bake chocolate chip cookie cake.

I contemplated, for about 5 minutes, buying one from the cookie place in the mall or from the bakery at the grocery store when they had their first belt test. But, of course, I came across a recipe on Pinterest and thought it was worth a try.

Click here for the original recipe. I make it without any modifications. I will note that it is a challenge to push it into the round pan and I highly recommend lining the bottom with parchment, which makes it easier to remove once baked. For fun, you could use other add-ins like nuts, m&ms, toffee chips…the variations are endless, really. The amount of add-ins is pretty much spot-on, so I would be careful about adding much more than 1 ¼ cup.  I have found that I need to bake it 8-10 minutes longer than the recommended amount, but that could just be issues with my oven. In either case, make sure that the top is golden brown like you want for making regular chocolate chip cookies. This makes the perfect cookie cake, in my opinion. It is dense and moist…more like a cookie and really only like a cake in that it is thick.


Of course, you can decorate it, if you wish. However, I doubt anyone would have problems eating it without frosting. The butter cream recipe that is provided with the cake recipe is actually the best one I have found so far – I use it for decorating cakes, cupcakes, and cookies as well. If you are going to add color, I recommend using gel food coloring. You can find gel food coloring in the cake decorating supply area at craft stores. The gel provides rich and vivid color without adding more liquid and altering the consistency of the frosting. I think you will enjoy this – it doesn’t last long in our house!

Chocolate chip cookie cake with blue buttercream frosting
Chocolate chip cookie cake with blue buttercream frosting

Here are cakes from belt tests past:

1505199_10152453519173465_4989168798972055741_n 10424245_10152969859608465_4348500591804886329_n

And here is a photo of my proud boys!


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