Spring Celebrations Pt. 2 – The Sparkling Lemon Drop Martini

I guess I am becoming a purist in my old age because, like many other “martini” drinks, I feel that the only thing that makes this a martini is the fact that it is served in a martini glass.  So, I may have issues with the name, but I certainly don’t have issues with the drink.  This has to be my favorite so far to serve at the Communion party.

You’ll find the recipe I used by clicking here.  The writer has some fabulous and useful tips for making this amazing drink – 1) Fresh lemon juice, 2) Pinch of sugar (helps to make the drink less tart, but don’t overdo it), 3) Good vodka (I used Absolut Citron – but Grey Goose and Belvedere are as good or better), 4) Don’t skimp on the shaking – she recommends 15 seconds, I generally shake my drinks for 15-30 seconds, 5) Sugar rim (I agree with her, it really adds to the drink).

Start by preparing the rim of your martini glass.  Use rub a lemon wedge around the rim or dip in simple syrup, then dip into sugar to coat.  Put 1.5 oz lemon vodka, 2 oz fresh lemon juice, and a squeeze of liquid stevia (or a pinch of sugar) into a shaker with a handful of ice.  Shake for 15-30 seconds.  Strain into the prepared martini glass.  Top with 2 oz of sparkling water (I had to use club soda).  Garnish with a lemon twist or lemon wedge if desired.


This is just WOW!  It is tart but the stevia (or sugar) really tempers that.  It is not sugary sweet either.  Of course, the stevia/sugar is optional so you may omit it if you prefer.  The sugar on the rim nearly glistens like glitter.  The drink is festive and fun, sophisticated but simple, refreshing and smooth.  This is definitely appropriate for spring or summer…and for serving at any time of the day with brunch, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner or dessert.

In the meantime, I head back to the shaker tonight (thank goodness for kids’ vacation days) for more experimenting.  I forewarn you, I have four more drinks to try over the next seven days.  Cheers!


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