Spring Celebrations Pt. I – Hummingbird and Raspberry Limoncello Prosecco Cooler

I am in spring celebration mode, as many of you might be – graduations, Mother’s Day, or just brunch with family and friends. Of course, every celebration calls for a festive beverage. I am in the midst of preparing for my big boy’s First Communion. The whole family will arrive in two weeks and they will hope for (or, perhaps, expect) a drink. This is my inspiration for the month’s experiments.  So far I have tried The Hummingbird and the Limoncello Raspberry Prosecco Cooler.

The Hummingbird is a classic cocktail. Fill a tall Collins glass with ice and add 2 oz of Champagne or dry sparkling wine, 1 ½ oz. St. Germain, and 2 oz. club soda. Stir together. Garnish with a lemon twist if desired.


This is light, the bubbles are fun and celebratory. I LOVE St. Germain but I feel like it is missing something.  I would like to experiment a little more with this one – maybe add in a little lemon or lime juice, or try a rose champagne.  I’ll keep you posted.  Overall, good choice, probably won’t be my final choice for Communion lunch.

Going along with the bubbly theme, next I tried the Limoncello Raspberry Prosecco Cooler. The recipe I have recommends chilling the cocktail glasses…I will be using plastic for this party, so I skipped this step. You will also want to freeze some raspberries before you make this drink. When you are ready to make your drink, put 1 oz of limoncello in your glass and top with Prosecco. Add raspberries and a sprig or two of mint.


This was good. At first sip, I got none of the raspberry taste so I decided to muddle the raspberries in the glass. This definitely gave more of the raspberry flavor but didn’t look as pretty. If you plan to serve this at an event, I recommend trying it beforehand to decide if you want to add more or less limoncello. I might add a little less – I thought the drink was refreshing and light, but maybe a little too lemony. It’s really a matter of personal preference.



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