Spring Celebrations Pt. 3 – The Frenchy

Chilly, rainy spring nights really call for a hot cup of tea and a fuzzy blanket.  But, a cocktail seemed a better reward for conquering a mound of dirty dishes.  Plus, this is my work too…and there is work to be done.

My music of choice for the evening was French – so I thought I would try The Frenchy.  You can find the recipe here.  Their photos are so pretty and the drink looks so cool and refreshing – almost dainty.  I am not sure what went wrong with mine, though I am left to suspect it is something with my pineapple juice.  Anyways…

Start with a glass filled with ice (I chose a double old-fashioned filled 2/3 – gave me enough room for this drink).  Pour in 1.5 oz pear vodka, 3 oz of pineapple juice and top with 1 oz of cranberry juice.  Then sip!


I like the way the colors infuse together, very springy.  The taste of the pineapple juice mixes nicely with the pear vodka.  You don’t taste much of the cranberry juice, though I did sip without it and I have to say that I prefer the drink WITH cranberry.  Also, I recommend purchasing the more expensive vodka.  I can’t imagine how often I will use pear vodka so I opted to buy a few nip bottles instead of a large bottle.  Lucky me, the store had both Grey Goose and Absolut – I got both to try and there is quite a difference between the two. It’s probably little surprise that Grey Goose was the winner.  It is much smoother and I felt that the Absolut gave the drink an unnecessary bite.  As I mentioned before, my drink did not come out transparent – I guess I need to look for better quality pineapple juice.  I don’t know if or how it might alter the taste, but this wasn’t bad.  It’s fruity and sweet – I would enjoy one of these, then probably drink something else.

As an aside, I suggest having some Nutella on a baguette with this…for a moment, I closed my eyes and imagined and I was sitting on the bank of the Seine with some handsome French man…sigh.  But, my dreaming was cut short as I only had pretzel sticks to enjoy with my Nutella – then there were the calls for help with toothbrushing.  Oh well, until next time, Cheers!



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