Gilligan’s Island

So, for a bit, the road diverges – and I find myself with a couple of pineapple drinks and a couple of peachy drinks.  I plan to close up the month with one last peach/pineapple combo drink.  So, which to do first?  Well, at the suggestion of a friend, we’re going with peach first.

This one is the Gilligan’s Island.  (Here is the recipe I used.)  I vaguely remember catching re-runs of the show in the late 70s.  I did not become a big fan of the show – but I see myself becoming a big fan of this drink.

This doesn’t have a lot of liquor in it – it has a lot of juice.  This would be a good one to sip on all day at the beach – if I didn’t have to drive or take care of kids.  Oh well, it is still delicious and delightful…a “Calgon take me away” sort of drink while the kids run around screaming and I escape to my happy place.  Sigh.

Okay…so start with a ice-filled shaker.  Pour in 1 oz vodka, 1 oz peach schnapps, 3 oz orange juice, and 3 oz cranberry juice.  Shake and pour, ice and all, into a glass.  Garnish it with a cherry (or two), slice of pineapple, or a little drink umbrella.  Sip and enjoy!



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