Jamaican Cowboy

Friday is finally upon us and I should be making my grocery shopping list so that I can fill my home with food for my family to eat. But, instead, I want to finish up my report on LAST weekend’s drink so that I can focus on what I have for this weekend. In case you want to know, it has been a busy week with end of the year activities at the kids’ schools and painting the stairways and hallways in my home during my “free” time. The house is a mess, everything is getting done half-assed, the family is more irritable than normal – good times! But, hey, this is life, right?

So, back to the drinking (because I WILL be enjoying a beverage this evening to celebrate a week of hard work). I figured it was appropriate to close out peach and pineapple month with a drink that incorporated both flavors again – and, for that, I have been saving the Jamaican Cowboy. I just love trying to figure out the significance of some of these drink names…this one has me boggled. But, I don’t care, it’s good.

I do like to credit my sources. Originally, I found this recipe on Pinterest and the pin linked me to a completely different recipe (that didn’t seem as good as this one). Thankfully, that pin listed all of the ingredients – I improvised on the mixing part, which isn’t too terribly complicated. But, in doing further research today, I managed to find it here as well.

Ingredients: ½ oz coconut rum, ½ oz peach schnapps, 1 oz tequila, 1 ½ oz pineapple juice, 1 ½ oz orange juice, 1 ½ oz triple sec

Put all of the ingredients into a shaker with ice. Shake and strain into an ice-filled Hurricane glass. The recipe I linked to recommends stirring the ingredients together in an ice-filled glass.  So, feel free to pick your preferred method. Garnish with a cherry, slice of fresh pineapple, or both.


This is a lovely, fruity (duh!) drink. I am vaguely reminded of a Screwdriver – and my junior year of college when I “graduated” to these from beer. Ahhh, the memories!  While you might think that all of the different flavors would be a bit much or confuse your palate, they mix together very nicely. I didn’t find that any one flavor was overwhelming – you will taste hints of the various ingredients (mostly coconut, peach, pineapple, and orange). I didn’t taste much of the tequila.  For those who have strong feelings for (or against) tequila, you might want to adjust the recipe accordingly or you may find that it works well.  I also think that this would make a great frozen drink…some other day. (Could this be an excuse to invest in one of those fancy margarita makers?)

It is delicious and you will find, all too quickly, that there is only ice left in your glass. There will likely be an urge to have two (or a few) of these. It is a strong drink, though it doesn’t taste so – consider yourself forewarned.


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