Pimm’s Blackberry & Elderflower Lemonade, Tropical & Fancy

I have finished up my experiments with the Blackberry & Elderflower Pimm’s and I have come to the conclusion that it needs more blackberry and elderflower flavor.  None of the drinks that I made with it were bad, per se.  But, I felt like they each took on the flavor of the other ingredients rather than those ingredients accentuating the blackberry and elderflower flavors.  I really had such high hopes for this liquor.  Of course, now that I think about it, it may be best since I am not sure how easy it will be to come across a bottle in the future.  In any case, I am going to share the recipes and my thoughts about each drink.

First, is the Pimm’s Blackberry & Elderflower Lemonade – this is a very simple drink and really requires nothing more than what is described in the name.

Ingredients: 50 mL Pimm’s Blackberry & Elderflower, 100 mL lemonade, blackberries for garnish

Directions: Fill a glass with ice and pour in the Pimm’s Blackberry & Elderflower.  Top with lemonade and garnish with blackberries.  (Stir gently if desired).

This was okay, nothing fancy.  After my first sip I added some margarita mix (about 1 oz) and that perked it up a little.  Again, I didn’t get much of the blackberry or elderflower flavor in it, which I was really hoping for.


Next I mixed up the Pimm’s Tropical – this recipe comes straight from the Pimm’s website.

Ingredients: 50 mL Pimm’s Blackberry & Elderflower, 50 mL pineapple juice, 50 mL fresh orange juice, splash of grenadine, mint leaves and slice of orange for garnish

Directions: Put all of the ingredients into an ice-filled shaker.  Shake and pour, with ice, into a glass.


Well, you can’t really go wrong with pineapple and orange juices – they do really make a lovely mixture.  The Pimm’s does not make or break this one.  I liked it, but I probably would like it just as much with plain or other flavored vodka.

Last, the Pimm’s Fancy, which also comes from the Pimm’s website.

Ingredients: 50 mL Pimm’s Blackberry & Elderflower, 20 mL Grand Marnier, 40 mL fresh orange juice, 20 mL fresh lime juice, 8 fresh mint leaves (with extra for garnish).

Directions: Fill a glass with ice, preferably crushed (I didn’t have crushed ice, so I used the cubes I had on hand).  Pour all ingredients into the glass and stir.  Garnish with mint leaves if desired.


Again, you get a good taste of the orange flavor from the Grand Marnier and orange juice – but I kept waiting (and waiting…) for the blackberry or elderflower flavors to come through.

Well, despite what you might think, these were very useful experiments.  I decided that I was a little disappointed in the Pimm’s Blackberry & Elderflower – I really kept wanting more of those flavors present in the drinks that I made with it.   As I said before, they weren’t bad drinks – I had no problems drinking them.  But, these concoctions have inspired me for the coming weeks.  I have big plans to experiment more with blackberry and elderflower – just not with the Pimm’s.  I might even try to recreate these drinks, if I don’t run out of time.  So, stay tuned!


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