The Poison Apple

As the perfect segue from apple to Halloween-themed cocktails, I picked out this recipe for The Poison Apple (find the original recipe here).

It’s rather simple, and, if you decided to splurge on a bigger bottle of apple schnapps, here is a good use for it.

Ingredients: 2 oz whiskey, 1 oz apple schnapps, 3 oz apple cranberry juice

Pour the ingredients into a shaker. Add ice and stir until thoroughly cold. Strain into a cocktail (coupe or martini) glass.

Poison Apple

In this cocktail, the quality or flavor of the whiskey is essential. Pick a whiskey that you like, as the flavor is quite prominent. Unfortunately, my husband refused to allow me to use any of his single-malt scotches…”they aren’t for mixing”. And we had few choices…really, just one…which makes me think that, as with the gin, we need “his-and-hers” whiskey. I was allowed to use a blended scotch, which was a little too powerful, in my opinion. I ended up adding extra apple cranberry juice. So, my next task is to find a suitable whiskey for mixing. The original recipe suggests Crown Royal.

I also would like to try shaking this drink (versus stirring) – as that will subtly add more water to the drink and change the “impression” of the whiskey.

Overall, my initial review is mixed. I wasn’t wild about my first experiment…but I have high hopes, after tweaking the ingredients and, possibly, technique. If you really like whiskey, you may be fine with this recipe as it is.  Regardless, it just seems so festive and different from other Halloween inspired drinks. Should you try this one, I would love feedback on what you used and what your thoughts were of the drink overall.  Enjoy!


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