The Vampire’s Kiss

I am so excited to be working on Halloween themed cocktails…honestly, I have looked forward to this month since starting the blog. There are way too many amazing recipes to contain within one month, let alone two weeks (since I’m playing catch up, yet again). But, hey, that gives us something for next year, right? A few of the recipes might just be appropriate for early November, so I may “celebrate” for an extra week…just look past the spooky name.

So, where does one start when faced with so many options? Initially I was a little intimidated by the complicated look of this drink, The Vampire’s Kiss, but don’t let looks deceive you. The rim seems fancy, but the drink is simple. And, actually, the rim isn’t too difficult to create either.

Ingredients: 2 oz whipped vodka (such as Pinnacle or Smirnoff), 1 oz grenadine, 4 oz cranberry pomegranate juice (I used cranberry juice).  For the rim you will need corn syrup and red food coloring.


First prepare the rim of the glass, if desired. In a small bowl, mix approximately 2-3 tablespoons of corn syrup with red food coloring. Use 2-3 drops of food coloring and add as needed to achieve the desired color of red. I found the easiest way to apply the red syrup to the rim was by using a butter knife. Also, to minimize the mess, allow the syrup to drip to the INSIDE of the glass. For varying sizes of “blood drips”, I put more syrup on parts of the rim than others.  Click here for additional information on creating a blood dripped rim.


For the drink, put vodka, grenadine and cranberry juice into a cocktail shaker. Add ice to fill. Shake and strain into the prepared glass.


This is an interesting combination of sweet from the vodka and grenadine, and tart from the cranberry juice.  Overall, it is good but different and not what I expected. I am really curious about how cranberry pomegranate juice will taste so I hope to try that soon. I contemplated substituting vanilla vodka (which I already had) for whipped (which I did not have). Since I had to run out to the liquor store for other things, I decided to buy the whipped vodka as well.  I am pleased with the decision not to substitute.  (I am determined to use the whipped vodka in some other drinks this winter, so stay tuned!). As far as rimming the drink, it is worth the extra effort for festive effect but does add a little extra sweetness.


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