the itsy bitsy

I’m trying to sneak in as many Halloween-y beverages before the BIG day.  The itsy bitsy looked good – and I love recipes for which I already have all of the ingredients.  (It is the last recipe listed on the page.)  The X-rated Fusion liqueur is nice throwback to the spring…add in Chambord…who needs convincing with this one?  The only special ingredient I needed was fresh blackberries.

Ingredients: 1 oz. X-rated Fusion Liqueur, 1/2 oz. vodka, 1 1/2 oz. black raspberry liqueur (such as Chambord), 2-3 fresh blackberries

Directions: Muddle 2 blackberries in a cocktail shaker.  Add all liquor and ice. Shake and strain into a cocktail glass.


The original recipe shows a fun prepared glass that features a spider made from a fresh blackberry.  It is clever and adorable – but I’m not really into food arts & crafts so I did not take the time to (figure out how to) construct one.  Sorry…but I’m not really all that sorry.  Cheers to you if you want to take that on!

This was VERY good – sweet and amazing.  Keep in mind that you can control the amount of blackberry bits that you get into your drink.  The first time I got a lot of the bits into it – some of them were floating around, it was a bit creepy.  But, then, maybe that works for this time of year.  The second time I strained most of the bits out.  I think it is more a matter of personal preference of how much you like.  I also didn’t find this too powerful in terms of booze, which is good if you are going to have one before you walk with the kids on Halloween night.


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