Christmas Morning Punch

I found this lovely looking beverage on Pinterest* for, actually, a non-alcoholic drink.  I wasn’t necessarily looking for anything special to serve on Christmas morning, but the ingredients inspired me.  Our traditional breakfast on Christmas morning consists of German Stollen, tea and coffee for me and my husband…why not offer the kids a little something special to drink?  Plus, somehow, I managed to have everything I needed to make this.

Ingredients: 4 cups (32 oz.) cranberry juice, 1 cup orange juice, 1 cup pineapple juice, 2 cups ginger ale or sprite

Directions: Put juices into a pitcher, stir gently.  Add ginger ale or sprite right before serving.  Serve with ice, if desired.


I find most punches taste pretty similar, but the cranberry juice in this one adds a little tartness.  It is light and delicious.  And, though certainly festive, I would eagerly serve this beyond the fall and winter.

Now, to if you are looking to take this a step up for the adults in the crowd, this goes very well with gin.  I filled an old fashioned glass about two-thirds full with punch, added a couple ice cubes, topped with some gin, and stirred gently.


I happily enjoyed this as my pre-dinner cocktail…and, of course, it couldn’t have been much easier to make.

*I like to provide proper credit to my sources, however, this recipe was found in the “description” section of a pin which linked to a seemingly unrelated company website.  So, click here for the link to the actual pin, not the website.


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