Sweet Ginger

In this stretch of cold, January weather, I decided to add a little warmth by making the Slow Cooker Caribbean Jerk Pork. And, of course, a meal like that deserves to be accompanied by a great rum drink. This recipe for the Sweet Ginger (see original here) was quite intriguing. I am still undecided about ginger beer, even though I thoroughly enjoyed that Holiday Mule. But, I was certainly up for trying it with rum and lemon juice – and I figured it would complement my meal well.

Ingredients: 3 oz. rum, ½ oz. simple syrup, 1 ½ oz. lemon juice, ginger beer

Directions: Put rum, simple syrup, and lemon juice into the bottom of a Collins glass. Stir to mix. Fill the glass with ice and top with ginger beer. Give another gentle stir. Garnish with a slice of lemon, if desired.


So, kids, here’s a reminder to drink responsibly – especially on week nights. With that said, this drink was very good…maybe too good, if you catch my drift. I did a little tweaking of the recipe, resulting in a little less ginger beer and more of the other ingredients. The spice of the ginger beer was nice and didn’t seem to have as much bite in this drink. For those that really like ginger beer, that may not be a great thing. Either way, it went very well with lemon and rum.

NOTE: Cosmopolitan, credits Caliche Rum for the original recipe (see the “Cali Ginger” here), which uses agave nectar instead of simple syrup.  It might be worth trying if you have agave nectar at home.


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