Clementine Winter Cocktail

I have a little something for rosemary simple syrup.  I took a quick glance through my blog and realized that I’ve been using it for quite sometime.  Apparently, my “love affair” started way back in 2015 when I made the White Cranberry Martini. Rosemary brings an unexpected flavor and depth to beverages – both alcoholic and non.  While I seem to use it a lot this time of year, it is quite versatile and, I feel, wonderful to use year-round.

So, with that said, when I went on a search for another cocktail using this beloved syrup, I came across another “winter” cocktail (see original recipe HERE).  But, truly, I tell you, I actually first made this drink in the spring, enjoyed it a few times during the summer and fall, and, finally, am getting around to a well-deserved write up!

Clementine Winter Cocktail

  • Servings: 1
  • Difficulty: easy
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Credit: The Recipe Wench


-2 oz vodka

-½ oz lemon juice

-1 oz rosemary simple syrup

-3 oz clementine juice, fresh squeezed (or San Pellegrino Clementine Italian Soda)


1.Put ingredients into a cocktail shaker with ice. (if using soda, do not add until the very end)

2.Shake and strain in to a double old fashioned glass.

3.If using soda, top mixture with soda and stir gently.

Clementine Winter Cocktail

The clementine is the real star of this cocktail.  The flavor is unexpected – and in a world of spiked Egg Nog and Cranberry cocktails this holiday season, why not be a Clementime cocktail?  It is refreshing and festive. But, as mentioned before, you can, and should enjoy it after winter is over.  There is a hint of rosemary, which blends delightfully with the citrus and vodka.

The big question is fresh-squeezed juice versus soda?  I have a few friends who are not fans of Italian soda, so using juice is a great option.  And, if fresh clementines aren’t available, the soda works out nicely too.  I didn’t have a true preference for one or the other – both tasted fabulous.

And, in case you are getting ready to juice some clementines – I found that 1-2 clementines yields enough juice for one cocktail.  Cheers!

PS – Need the recipe for Rosemary Simple Syrup? Find it in the White Cranberry Martini blog post OR my last blog post for the Winter Sparkler (coincidentally posted 1 year ago, today! Wow!).


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